Michael Reese Endowed Professorship in Hematology

Damiano Rondelli, MD

Message of Gratitude to Michael Reese Research and Education Foundation

The support of the MRREF has been and still is instrumental is working on translational research that I anticipate will allow us to design new clinical trials in stem cell transplantation. The work of the last few years is being published (one paper recently published and others under preparation) and presented nationally and internationally. It

is an honor for me to have the Michael Reese Foundation name always attached to mine all over the world, including on social media where hundreds of people follow me on LinedIn or Twitter where I discuss hematologic or global health topics.

Top 2017 accomplishments

- 2017 UIC Department of Medicine Faculty of the Year

Recent Article/Video Links: http://abc7.ws/2xK9wQj


http://abc7chicago.com/health/chicago-doctors-use-stem-cells-to-cure-sickle-cell- disease/1652719/

Conferences attended/spoken at:

Published papers:

Patel P, Rondelli D (April 2017). The Bottom Line: Total Marrow and Lymphoid Irradiation to Rescue Refractory Leukemia. Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation, 23(4):536-537.

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