Michael Reese Endowed Professorship in Medical Education

Alan Schwartz, PhD

I cannot begin to fully express my gratitude and pride in carrying on the Michael Reese name as an Endowed Professor. Nearly everywhere I go to speak about my work in medical education and medical decision making, when I introduce myself as the Michael Reese Endowed Professor, there will be a physician in the audience who will (usually out loud to the group) announce that they trained at Michael Reese (or were trained by someone who trained at Michael Reese) and go on to extol the Hospital for its vision and excellence in care, research, justice, and education. The Michael Reese

legacy is an ongoing impetus for me to continue to pursue this kind of excellence in my own scholarship and leadership.

Top accomplishments:


Schwartz A. (2017, June). Contextual Care: Listening for What Matters. Symposium Presentation at the 2017 Nordic Congress for General Practices, Reykjavik, Iceland.

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Schwartz A. (2016, December). Milestones research at APPD LEARN. ACGME Milestones Summit, Chicago, IL.

Schwartz, A. (2017, April). Panelist. APHA Health Communication Working Group webinar on Publishing in Health Communication Journals.

Published papers:

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Co-authored work presented by colleagues:

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