Helping to create culturally aware medical staff

The Foundation’s annual scholarships in partnership with organizations such as the Medical Organization for Latino Advancement (MOLA), Hispanocare, and Rosalind Franklin University allow diverse, multicultural, multilingual students to complete their medical education and fill the need for culturally aware medical staff within their communities.


Scholarships Awarded


MOLA, in partnership with the Foundation, offers annual scholarships to reduce the overwhelming cost that many undergraduate and professional school students face in the process of seeking a degree in healthcare and includes an integral mentorship and research presentation component.

MOLA continues the work of Hispanocare to provide affordable, quality, bilingual healthcare to Chicago’s Latino Community in a culturally sensitive manner. The number of scholarships listed includes both organizations.

Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Franklin University’s tradition of developing a diverse healthcare workforce will be strengthened by helping learners from historically underrepresented groups successfully matriculate, providing a full four year medical school scholarship.

These scholarships and outreach education initiatives are designed to remove barriers in education, promote diversity in our classrooms and fuel the drive toward a medical culture that better represents a multicultural society.

Meritorious Lectureship Award

An endowment has been established at the University of Chicago to support an annual lecture honoring a University of Chicago faculty member who embodies the principles of Michael Reese Hospital.