What we do ...

HIV Care Program

Provides community-based comprehensive HIV medical services, adherence education, substance abuse, and mental health treatment.

Women's Health Program

Provide breast and cervical cancer screening to the uninsured using trans-cultural nursing care.



The Michael Reese Foundation supports outstanding professionals engaged in basic and clinical research through endowed professorships.



A collaborative effort with the Latino community provides scholarships for bi-lingual and bi-cultural students pursuing healthcare careers. These health care professionals continue to serve in diverse communities.

Translational Research

For tbe past 25 years the Foundation contributed to the advancement of medical science. Today the Foundation continues this support in funding the "Michael Reese Pioneer in Research Award" at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.

Our News

  • Pioneers in Research award
  • Hispanocare Challenge Grant
  • Endowed Professors in News



Our vision is excellent care for all patients,
regardless of demographic conditions,
in the tradition of the former Michael Reese Hospital.