Behavioral health/counseling and addiction recovery

The Care program recognizes that behavioral health is an integral part of one’s overall health.

Through our integrated primary and behavioral health specialty care teams, we can help with:


Adjusting to living with a chronic medical condition or new medical diagnosis


Mood disorders


Anxiety/panic disorders




Family distress


Grief and loss




Intimate partner violence


Stress management


Alcohol, addiction recovery


Substance use and abuse issues


Trauma and PTSD


Other behavioral health issues

Our behavioral health team takes a trauma-informed, affirming approach to care, including understanding our clients’ experiences through the lens of intersectionality. We have an integrated approach to care, and our specialists work directly with our primary care teams to ensure all aspects of a patient’s health are reviewed and monitored on a regular basis.

Behavioral Health Services Offered:

Assessment and brief intervention in the primary care setting

Individual outpatient therapy services

Group based behavioral health support

Addiction Recovery Services

Drug addiction is a disease which needs both supportive medical treatment as well as emotional reinforcement to help manage it. It is difficult to recover from opiate addiction without medical support. There is a very low success rate for those who have recovered from opiate addiction without the help of prescription drugs. We provide buprenorphine, also called suboxone treatment, as well as referrals to more structured treatment programs

Clinic Services Include:

Primary care designed for people with HIV

We provide care that makes you feel respected and valued just as you are.

Behavioral health/counseling and addiction recovery

A wide variety of services and programs to help you live the best life possible.

HIV Prevention

Take control of your sexual health. PrEP is a once-daily pill that can reduce your risk of getting HIV.

Hepatitis B & C Treatment

Our comprehensive hepatitis program includes screening, education, medication adherence, treatment and prevention.

Smoking Cessation

Nip smoking in the butt. Quitting is hard, but with your healthcare team by your side, you don’t have to do it alone.

Gender-Affirming Care and Hormone Management

You and only you get to decide how to express your identity. We are experts in helping people meet their goals using hormone therapy and other modalities.

Case Management

We’re not just on the case. We’re by your side. Case management can be critical in the effort to live well with HIV.

Insurance Enrollment Assistance

We actively assist in enrolling patients in the insurance marketplace.